Candies- a true paradise for food lovers!!

Looking for some fanciest, coolest and jazziest place to hangout with your friends in Mumbai ?

Searching for a restaurant to try diverse menus?

Want to try tasty food at an affordable price?

A place which solves all the above questions is “Candies”, a cafe situated at Pali hill, Mumbai, which is very popular for its amazing ambience and delicious food items.

About Candies

Calling “Candies” a mere cafe would not do justice to this place. It’s a massive place (having more than 100 tables), stretching out on multiple levels with amazing interiors.

It’s a huge bungalow converted into a 4-storey cafe and the decor here is very rustic, raw and chiller. The massive mosaics, wall murals, wooden handicrafts, vintage paintings and verdant greenery provide an extravagant touch to this cafe.

The owner, Allen Pereira, named candies after his daughter ‘Candy’. He wanted to start a place that was accessible to the younger crowd of Mumbai and catered to their taste.

Today this place has become a hub for the young generation of Mumbai, but don’t get me wrong as you’d find people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s a place where you can sit and relax along with your best buddies in the constantly running busy city life of Mumbai.

Food @ Candies!!

Candies boasts of a diverse menus with more than 250 items including little bit from varied cuisines- Chinese, Italian, Indian, American fast food, etc. In simple words, it’s a perfect combination of good food and superb ambience. Moreover, they also have some special food items for each day.

It’s quite very European-style cafe with self-help kind. The ground floor has the serving area with all sorts of fooding options. I ordered hot dog, cheesy lasagne, mutton minced roll and hot chocolate.

They have crazy varieties of desserts from New York cheesecake to lemon sponge cake to jelly slices to chocolate mousse to so much. But I was so full that I had to satisfy myself with a slice of lemon sponge cake. Moreover, try to reach here before 6:30-7 pm as almost everything gets sold out by this time. I would rate 8.5/10 to the food and 10/10 to the ambience.


This place always oozes with energy, filled with youngsters and you can’t help but fell in love with the place. You might also spot a celebrity or two if you’re lucky. Candies is ideal for long conversation and relaxing oneself with wide variety of food and beverage options.

I would highly recommend everybody to visit this pocket friendly cafe since this place is a dreamland for food lovers with unforgettable ambience.

On an ending note, I would say-

Candies is to affordable delicious food seeker, what Eiffel Tower is to tourist.

Bon appetite!!