‘Halwa’ ceremony preludes Union Budget

Are you aware of a food connection associated with our Union Budget?


Let me tell you that the process of printing budget document begins with a customary ‘Halwa’ ceremony, which takes place roughly a week before the presentation of Union Budget in the Parliament. This ceremony has been in place since a very long time.

In our Indian culture, it’s traditional to have a sweet dish before performing any important task.

‘Halwa’ is an Indian dessert, which is prepared in huge quantity in order to serve to the officers and the support staff involved in the preparation of budget. 


These people are required to remain isolated and stay in the North block office of the Parliament until the budget is presented. They are even not allowed to communicate with their families and close ones, through phones or any other means.

This is done in order to maintain the secrecy in the preparation of budget.

Union budget which takes place on the last working day of February every year is a very important event that everyone watches out for. It is on this day that the government reports the financial performances for the previous year and also presents an estimate of income and expenditure for the next fiscal year which spanning from 1st April to 31st March.  

Do watch the Budget session on the 29th Feb, 2016 over a bowl of Halwa on next Monday.

Stay happy and keep learning!!