Ice-creams here are to die for!

Hello foodies!

Today I’ll talk about a Kolkata based ice cream parlour, which is really close to my heart. The name of the store is “Fresh and naturelle ice-creams”, which is situated at Russell Street in Park Street area, Kolkata (opposite India’s hobby centre).

Since its inception in 2008 with a seed capital of about Rs 3,00,000, they are doing really well. Currently they stand at 28 branches spreading across different cities. Kunal Pabrai, the guy behind this chain ice cream parlour is a nephew of very renowned fund manager, Mohnish Pabrai.

I being a student of St. Xavier’s college (Kolkata), used to visit this place very often, almost twice a week. The best thing about their ice cream is the right balance of sweetness and the use of 100% natural ingredients without any artificial colour or flavour.

Another very important thing about this ice cream parlour is that they make ice creams out of seasonal fruits and thus you get variety every time you visit this place.

You have a long list of flavours to choose from. They offer flavours like Chikoo, tender coconut, watermelon, Anjeer, Banana toffee, Chandan and so on.

I tried a numbers of flavours but the one which I liked the most was Pabrai’s Nolen Gur ice cream. However tender coconut and watermelon were equally good.

So if you are planning to visit Kolkata, I would highly recommend visiting this place for their wonderful natural ice creams.

We would love to hear from you that which flavour you liked the most.

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