Indian rice pudding with a twist!!

Chai ki kheer


½ litre milk

3-4 tsp black tea

4-5 cardamon

12-15 cashew

8-10 almonds

Brown sugar (as per your need)

1/3 rice

1 big milkybar white chocolate


1. Make the normal milk tea (without adding water) usually prepared at home.

2. Strain the tea and pour it in a utensil. Switch on the flame.

3. Soak the rice in water for 5-7 minute and clean properly.

4. Add rice and cardamom to the tea.

5. Allow the rice to be cooked on a low flame. Add cashew and almonds to it.

6. Once the rice is completely cooked, switch off the flame and add the white chocolate (to add creaminess to it)

7. Pour the dessert in a clay pot and garnish with almond flakes.

Serve cold!!