Karachi Bakery- a Gourmet’s delight

Planning to visit Hyderabad?

Well, your visit to Hyderabad is totally incomplete without coming to Karachi Bakery. This place has become brand by itself and a household name in Hyderabad. Karachi bakery is a landmark in the city of pearls and has become synonymous with quality, perfection and hygiene. The quality and the variety of products they offer do enough justice to the tagline-

‘Sweet Memories… Deliciously Crafted’.

Started in 1952 by Mr. Khanchand Ramnani, a Sindhi migrant who left Karachi for Hyderabad after the partition of India in 1947. He started the first Karachi Bakery store near Hyderabad’s Moazzam Jahi market in the year 1952.

Presently they have a wide number of outlets in Hyderabad and the one at Banjara Hills (opposite Hotel Taj Banjara) is their biggest and the best outlet in the city. They have also expanded their outlets to Vizag, Mumbai, Dubai and Vijaywada Airport.

Karachi bakery is well known for its Fruit biscuits and plum cake. I am a big fan of their fruit biscuits and it’s a must take away for your family and friends. The plethora of appetizing cakes ranging from the Strawberry Dome Cake, Décor Orange Chocolate Cake,  Opela Genoise Sponge, Orange Soufflé to the Cappuccino Walnuts and the delectable range of Fruit, Chocolate Cashew nut and the Badam Pista biscuits have managed to steal the heart of their customers. The cakes they serve not only look pretty but also taste good.

The splendid variety of breads, chocolates, and desserts are a visual treat as well as a treat to the taste buds. They have also introduced the products from other brands as well in order to make the bakery a one-stop-shop, catering to all consumers’ needs. The taste, quality and the affordable pricing makes Karachi Bakery a popular choice amongst the masses.

This bakery is a “paradise on earth” for the foodies and you are sure to fall in love with the place with the first visit itself. Their fruit biscuits is not to be missed and even if you do not get time to visit the store, you may buy it from the local vendors at the railway station.

Bon appetite!!