You’ll love the dosas and vada pao here!!


Someone has rightly said that Mumbai never sleeps. Even if you are travelling at 2 o’ clock at night, you’ll find people all over.

When it comes to food, there is no match to Mumbai. People from diverse culture makes Mumbai a hot spot for foodies and you’ll find a wide range of cuisines here from gujrati, punjabi, marathi, parsi etc. The list is never ending.

In one sentence, “Mumbai is a paradise for food lovers”.

Mumbai and Vada Pao are simply synonymous. But when it comes to best vada pao in Mumbai, it has to be Anand stall situated at Ville Parle (opposite Mithibai college).

I have tried Vada Pao in many places but the one here is my favourite. Actually it’s the quality of paw (bread), which makes it distinct.  The paw here is extremely soft which goes very well with the nice and crunchy vada.

Actually the fast and busy lifestyle of people in Mumbai makes it a popular snack among the local since it’s not only quick to prepare, but also filling for the stomach.

Anand stall is also very famous for its long list of dosas. I am a big fan of south Indian food and my personal favourite here is “Jennie dosa”. It’s a must try dish whenever you visit Mumbai.

The dosa itself is so delicious that even if you don’t have sambar and chutney, you’ll love it. The reason it’s called jennie dosa is due to the hot vapour coming out of the dosa when presented on a plate.

I went there at about 11p.m. and you won’t believe that I had to wait for more than 30 minutes for my dish to get ready. The crowd itself speaks of the quality.

Being situated beside Narsimonjee college and Mithibai college, you’ll find young crowd all the time.

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I would highly recommend everybody to give it a try and I can assure you that you are sure to have it every single day of your stay in Mumbai.

In the next blog, we’ll explore some other food destination which should be there in your food list.

Bon appetite!!